Husband told the police- ‘Wife was addicted to drugs, had illegal relations with many’, so she was hacked – Husband murder his wife with the help of two friends in Sitapur uttar pradesh LCLG

In UP’s Sitapur, pieces of a woman’s beheaded corpse were found sealed in a sack. The police have now arrested the killers of the woman. Police told that the woman was murdered by her own husband. After killing the woman with the help of two friends, after beheading and cutting the body into several pieces, they threw it in the forests of different villages.

Disclosing the matter, Sitapur SP said that on the night of November 9, the dead body of a woman locked in a gunny bag was found in several pieces in Gulhariyan village of Rampur Kalan police station area. After 18 hours, the woman’s head was also recovered. We had prepared the sketch of the woman and on the basis of that many police teams were taking information about the woman in the nearby districts.

Police told that the woman was identified as Jyotsna, a resident of Launa village. When the police went to her house and questioned her husband Pankaj, at first he kept misleading the police. Then on showing strictness, he revealed the truth.

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Drunk habit and wife had relations with many

Pankaj told the police, “Jyotsna’s wife was addicted to drugs, Jyotsna had run away from home many times. Along with this, he also had physical relations with many people in the village. I used to explain a lot to him, but he could not understand anything in front of intoxication.

Pankaj further said, “For this reason, I along with two friends killed Jyotsna on November 9. To hide her identity, her body was cut into several pieces. The head was also mutilated by crushing it with a stone. The pieces were thrown in the forest.

Accused friend arrested, one still absconding

The police have arrested husband Pankaj and his friend Durjan Pasi in connection with Jyotsna’s murder. Another accused in the murder is still absconding. Police say that soon he will also be arrested. Along with this, the police said that Jyotsna’s leg and saree have also been recovered on Pankaj’s indication.

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