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In the year 2012, Noor living in Phoenix city of America died in a road accident. Noor, 20, was traveling in a car with her 43-year-old boyfriend. Then his father’s car hit hard from the front. His father was driving the car. Noor’s boyfriend’s life was saved in the accident, but Noor died in the hospital. The incident was investigated as an honor killing, and Noor’s father, Faleh al-Malecki, was later convicted of his daughter’s murder.

In a developed country like America, this incident of honor killing gave birth to a new debate. But this topic is not new to the Indian subcontinent. Here such incidents are often heard in a society divided into caste, religion, sect and different communities. Most of the incidents of honor killing are recorded in the Middle East and North African countries. Its cases are highest in India and Philippines, but such incidents happen in other cultures too but their average is not that high.

Not only women, men are also victims

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Sometimes due to inter-caste love marriage and sometimes due to homosexual relations, men also become victims of honor killing. According to the definition of Human Rights Watch, honor killing is such violence that is done by loved ones. Honor killings are usually committed by male family members against female family members. Such girls or women who are believed to be betraying or cheating the family. She is drowning the self-proclaimed big name and respect of the family by her actions. The honor of the family is saved by killing them.

How is this an honor?

A woman can be put to death by her family for many reasons. The main reason for this is their refusal to do arranged marriage as per the wish of the family or to fall in love outside in a different religion, caste community. In the Indian patriarchal society, sex relations outside marriage are considered completely taboo among people of all religions, in such a situation, apart from the relation of marriage, indulging in sexual relations also becomes the reason for this. In many cases, being a victim of sexual harassment, demanding divorce, demanding to leave an abusive relationship are also included in adultery. As mentioned above, it is not only women, men can also be victims of honor killing. In such cases, they are victimized by the family members of the woman or in case of homosexuality, by their own family.

This law was once in Rome

The social fabric around female sexuality has been complex since ancient Roman times. Undeclared laws regarding women’s sexual desires were then declared and valid. There was a time when the patriarchal family had the right to kill an unmarried girl or wife for indulging in sexual relations outside. Similarly in medieval Europe, early Jewish law prescribed stoning of an adulterous wife and her partner.

Why there is no right to live as per wish

According to a statement by Sharif Kanana, Professor of Anthropology at Birgit University, in a patriarchal society, the men of the family, clan or tribe seek control over the reproductive power of women. In these tribes, women were considered as factories for making men. In such a situation, there was no place for his sexual desires. Even today, even though the laws give every kind of freedom to the person, but breaking the unwritten laws of the society has been kept in the category of social crime.

Even today, such incidents are not reported in many communities, because even today there is a section of the society which justifies this kind of violence in their mind. In such a situation, we have to think that today when we advocate for human rights through open platforms, then why can’t we allow other relatives to live freely in our own house.

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