Have you got 5G signal? That service of Jio-Airtel, which is not available at all – Reality of 5G In India Have You Get Airtel 5G Jio 5G Signal ttec

The hand did not feel the mouth! You must have heard or read this proverb. Something similar has happened these days with people waiting for 5G. 5G is launched with much fanfare in IMC 2022 on 1 October. Companies also showed their trials and Airtel even started the service on that day. The flag of 5G service launch was hoisted in not one or two but 8 cities.

Jio did not announce that day, but launched 5G service on the occasion of Dussehra. Jio 5G service was launched in 4 cities, which has now reached two other cities. But what will you do with such a service, which you are not getting at all.

When the story of 5G launch started, many people felt that they would get 5G service soon. Although it was clear that initially the service would be live in select cities, but here the matter is even more serious. 5G has been launched for select people at select places in select cities.

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Was the announcement of 5G launch hurried?

In 8 to 10 cities, these companies 5G service The announcement has been made, but is anyone getting it? Few selected people who are posting a photo on social media platforms every day. The reason for this is clear. Because these services have not been fully launched.

They are being expanded in a phased manner, which means gradually each area will be 5G enabled. So now the question is that when you had to show a glimpse of 5G, then why was it called launch. It would have been better if the companies had given it the name of introducing 5G.

The wait for 5G is not over

This game in the name of 5G is no less than a scam. Work is being done to fool people in the name of selected users, selected towers. As far as getting real 5G connectivity is concerned, it will have to wait till the end of next year.

Jio has already made it clear that their 5G service will be live across the country by the end of next year. On the other hand, it will take till March 2024 to reach Airtel’s 5G service across the country. In such a situation, Vi (Vodafone Idea) seems better at times, who have not fooled people in the name of 5G.

With the launch of 5G, Jio had announced a welcome offer. Hardly anyone got this offer. The company had said that this is an invite based plan, but hardly any user has got this offer. We had also conducted a poll on our page regarding this, in which about 98 percent people say that they have not received this offer.

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