FIFA World Cup 2022: Italy is not playing FIFA World Cup, but Saudi Arabia ‘safe’ a big record – fifa world cup 2022 italy 37 game matches unbeaten record streak argentina vs saudi arabia tspo

The Italian team is not participating in the ongoing FIFA World Cup 2022 in Qatar. Italy was defeated by North Macedonia in the qualifying round and broke its dream of playing the World Cup. The Italian team could not even participate in the World Cup held in Russia. Italy is counted among the successful teams of the FIFA World Cup and has won the title four times. Italy may not be playing in the current World Cup, but a big record has been saved from breaking.

In fact, Italy has a record of being invincible in 37 consecutive matches in international football. Argentina had a golden chance to break this record but lost the opportunity due to a 2-1 defeat against Saudi Arabia. If Argentina’s team had played at least a draw against Saudi Arabia, it would have equaled Italy’s record.

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In such a situation, he would also have a chance to beat Italy. But Leon Messi’s team was limited to a streak of 36 matches. Messi’s team did not lose a single match after the 0-2 defeat against Brazil in the 2019 Copa America. But the defeat against Saudi Arabia has also dealt a blow to its title campaign.

Most matches without a loss:
37 matches Italy 2018-2021
36 Match Argentina 2019-2022
35 matches Spain 2007–2009
35 matches Brazil 1993–1996
35 matches Algeria 2018-2022

Reasons for Argentina’s defeat

Argentina took a 1-0 lead through their captain Lionel Messi’s penalty kick, but luck was not with them after that. After that goal, in the first half, the Argentine players put the ball into the net three times, but the umpire called it offside on all three occasions, due to which the goal could not be scored.

Within the first 10 minutes of the second half, Saudi Arabia scored two goals, after which pressure appeared on Argentina. By the way, Argentina got some opportunities through corner kick and free-kick but could not capitalize. Lionel Messi took this free-kick but could not score.

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