FIFA World Cup 2022: Brazil’s special plan for FIFA World Cup, this is how celebration will be done after scoring a goal

The Brazilian team is also going to show its mettle in the FIFA World Cup 2022 being played in Qatar. Brazil has captured the World Cup title for the maximum number of times till now and now its eyes are on the sixth title. By the way, it is a different matter that the Brazilian team has not been able to win the title even once since 2002. Brazil has been placed in Group-G for this World Cup, which also includes Cameroon, Switzerland and Serbia.

Brazilian players have made special plans for the FIFA World Cup. Accordingly, they will celebrate each goal by dancing. The team will play its first match against Serbia and all the players are very happy before that. He has made preparations for his dance to celebrate each goal and he is also rehearsing. And it will be different not just for one or two or three goals, but for all 10 goals.

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Brazilian forward Rafinha said, ‘To tell the truth, we have prepared our dance till the 10th goal. We have prepared a different dance for each goal till the 10th goal. If we score more than 10 goals, we will again do a new type of dance.

This player got caught in controversy due to dance

Vinicius Junior was embroiled in controversy because of his dance in Real Madrid. Despite criticism in Spain, he and teammate Rodrigo continued to dance after scoring goals and said they would continue to do so with the national team at the World Cup. Rafinha and Neymar publicly supported Vinicius Junior.

Striker Richarlison said he hoped he and his teammates would be able to score comfortably in the World Cup. He said, ‘When you wear the number 9 jersey for the Brazilian national team, you want to score goals. Other matches in Brazil’s Group-G will be against Switzerland and Cameroon. Special eyes of Brazilian fans are going to be on Neymar Jr. who plays club football for PSG.

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