Do female psychopaths exist know all about psychopaths amid shraddha murder case accused aftab amin ntc

Locusta, who treated the royal family of Rome during Nero’s era, is considered the world’s first serial killer. She used to kill people on the pretext of treatment.

Death to the ruler of Rome

This very beautiful woman had a lot of knowledge about herbs. While treating, he also learned that even a drop of which plant can kill a human being immediately, or it will kill slowly in such a way that no one will get a clue. The first person to be killed was Claudius – the king of Rome. Nero, who succeeded his father to the throne, started taking the help of Locasta to kill almost every enemy. This is how a serial killer was born.

psychopath vs sociopath (Getty Image)In Rome, a woman who knew medicine started killing people by giving poison (Getty Image)

killed for hobby

The loksta of a modest family started getting up and sitting in the royal people. Gradually, she started looking after the cases of rich businessmen and ministers and oranges outside the palace. Locusta grew rich but notorious. The limit was reached when she started killing people in her hobby. Many times she would kill someone to test the poison of the plants. Much later, the Senate of Rome decided to take action against Nero and Locusta. This is about 64 AD. Nero himself took his own life, but Locusta was brutally executed.

A film made in the year 1908, ‘Humanity Through the Ages in Locusta’, has been told about how he took hundreds of lives in his madness.

psychopath vs sociopath Amelia Dyer was a baby farmer

The nurse who strangled hundreds of children to death

There was a nurse in Britain – Emilia Dyer. In the middle of the 19th century, this woman killed more than 400 children. It is about March 1896, when people found the body of a child on the banks of the River Thames. His throat was strangled with tape. There were injury marks on the body. London shuddered. But there was still a lot to know.

This custom became the cause of death

This was the time, when the society looked at unmarried mothers with a bad eye. To stay alive, she would give her children to baby-farmers. Means those women, who are rich as well, trend so that the child is safe. Emilia was one such baby farmer, who would adopt a child in exchange for 10 to 80 pounds, and bring it home and kill it. If the child was too small, instead of killing it directly, she would have stopped giving him milk, or would have made him lie on the ground in a cold room.

psychopath vs sociopath The police became active after many newborn corpses were found in the Thames River (Pixabay)

dead body thrown in the river

Not satisfied with this much, she connived with the doctors to declare the living child dead and then threw the same child into the Thames river. Within about 30 years, Emilia took hundreds of lives. When the secret was exposed, a fast track trial took place and in June 1896 he was hanged in Newgate Prison.

History is full of such female psychopaths, who killed people sometimes under the guise of some reason, sometimes just for the hobby. Means women are also psychopaths. In Norway, the Department of Forensic Psychiatry found in its study that about 30 percent of men incarcerated for murders are suspected of being psychotic, while it is 17 percent of women.

psychopath vs sociopath Twice as many men as women have psychopathic traits (Getty Image)

what is psychopathy

This is a kind of personality disorder. Its patient does not have love, sympathy for others. He wants to control, and there is no gilt on his mistakes. Psychopathic people often break the law and social rules. A study on Harvard University prison inmates also says that the brain of psychopaths works differently. This is referred to as Probing Psychopathic Brains.

How to recognize a psychopath woman

Since women are believed to rarely commit heinous crimes, there is not much study on this. Although many American universities tried to investigate it. The University of Manchester found that male psychopaths are usually narcissistic. They describe themselves as perfect and right in every respect, while women live in a more secretive manner. She praises people even after disliking them. In this way, gradually they win the trust, and after that they go on their innings.

psychopath vs sociopath Men believe more in physical violence, while female psychopaths commit mental violence after a complete study (Getty Image)

Symptoms are different for men and women

Another trait separates male and female psychopaths. Men inflict physical harm in anger, while women attack mentally. They surround their prey with many wings. Even in many cases it is not even known that any damage has happened because of a particular woman. For this, they constantly keep an eye on the prey or do research in a way.

Many female psychopaths are mentioned in the book ‘Born to Destroy’. Its author Winifred Rule wrote this book after extensive research on psychopaths. As a rule, women who commit murders, or go to the extent of passion for someone, usually have a childhood full of trauma. The separation of those parents. They face many things like fighting, intoxication, due to which they get separated from others while being young. Sometimes violence is transmitted from parents to children in a genetic way as well.

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