Crazy King’s big claim – Gori Nagori sings praises of Haryana in Bigg Boss, infidelity with Rajasthan

Mumbai. Rapper-singer-live performer Bharat Goswami, who is also known as Crazy King by fans, is miffed with Salman Khan-hosted reality show Bigg Boss Season 16 contestant Gori Nagori, saying that Gori has entered Bigg-Boss. Sings praises of Haryana, while she is born and brought up in Rajasthan, she has some allegiance and loyalty towards her state which she has failed to fulfil.


During her performance on Bigg Boss season 16, Gori Nagori, who was born and brought up in Rajasthan, didn’t really come across as a proud Rajasthani, praising Haryana to garner some votes and then thrown out

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Slamming Gori for her weak stand, Krazy King said, “We all love our country and our home-state. You have a special attachment to the place where you were born and brought up. Ghori didn’t really look loyal and genuine to her state, the place where she was born, brought up and earned so much fame that she reached Bigg Boss, she didn’t remember the place even once.”

“She never said anything good about Rajasthan, its culture, heritage, history, languages, food, anything! She kept claiming that she was the Shakira of Haryana, despite the fact that her first song was a Rajasthani number. In fact, their loyalty is not towards their state. She felt that if she favors Rajasthan then people will not take her seriously, but it is not true, I am from Rajasthan and I have also got success, and never sold my state for any show. I would never do that, it’s disgusting. My motto will always be to promote my state through my talent and work.”

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Gori is a dancer born in Rajasthan, and has gained immense popularity through her art form in North India including Uttar Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi.

King has done over 300 live-performances and is now ready to make a big splash with more locally-rooted music. “Despite the market being flooded with remixes and loud electronic music, people still love royal and rooted music, and I’m creating something new for that zone right now.”

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