Congress govt minister Ramesh Meena got the collector dm out of the meeting in bikaner lcln

In Rajasthan, Panchayati and Rural Development Minister Ramesh Meena threw Bikaner Collector Bhagwati Prasad Kalal (IAS) out of the meeting. There has been a ruckus in the state regarding this matter. The employees of Rajasthan have opened a front against the minister of Ashok Gehlot government. Rajasthan Revenue Ministry Employees Union has demanded that the minister should apologize for this act.

Actually, the Panchayat and Rural Development Minister was taking a meeting on livelihood skills of women. District Collector Bhagwati Prasad Kalal was also present in this meeting going on in Bikaner. The minister was speaking on the stage, in the meanwhile the collector’s mobile phone rang and he received the call and started talking.

Minister Ramesh Meena was so upset by this that he asked the top officer of the district to go out of the meeting and then the Collector also left the meeting. After the meeting, Minister Meena said how to ride a horse and a mare? It should come. Meaning, how to get the work done from the ministers and officials, it should be understood. Only then the bureaucrats will be under control.

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After this statement, the employees of Rajasthan have lodged an objection against the minister. At the same time, it has also been said on behalf of District Collector Kalal that an emergency call had come, due to which he had to talk on mobile.

Rural Development and Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena reached Jhunjhunu on Tuesday. Here the minister gave a statement on the dispute with the collector in Bikaner. He has said that Rajivika’s program was going on in Bikaner. Where we were talking to the collector related to women. There should be female mate in NREGA. There should be a building of women’s organizations. Give priority to your farm, your work. Such discussions were taking place. Meanwhile, the Bikaner collector was repeatedly either talking on the phone or chatting. May be they have some busyness, emergency. That’s why I said that if you want to talk then go outside.

According to the Panchayati Raj Minister, leaders of 85 thousand women of Bikaner were present in that program. We were talking to women. At the same time, he was also giving instructions to the collector, but he was not paying attention. What was their problem? Were not even telling this. Ignoring things like this is a big deal. The officers should work. Should pay attention to the guidelines.
Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has given instructions to go to the districts, take feedback, get people’s work done, be face to face. Tell the officer also to do the work of the public. If we do not get the poor people heard, then who will get them done?

BJP MP condemned the incident

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has also opened a front against this behavior of Panchayati Raj Minister Ramesh Meena. BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Dr. Kirori Lal Meena has condemned this incident by tweeting.

Meena wrote on Twitter, “The senior RAS was called a gate-out by the health minister in Dausa and the bureaucracy has been grossly insulted by the panchayat minister in Bikaner by gate-outing the collector.” These people are creating an atmosphere of fear. Both such ministers should be sacked.

(Input from Jhunjhunu also by Naina Shekhawat)

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