China Factory Fire That Killed 38 Caused By Illegal Welding NTC

At least 38 people have died in a massive fire at a garment factory in central China’s Henan province. The fire broke out in Wenfeng district of Henan on Monday. It took firefighters more than four hours to extinguish the fire. In this incident, 38 people died while two were seriously scorched. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

The local administration has held the company responsible for this incident, which was mainly manufacturing clothes by flouting the rules.

According to China’s official news agency Xinhua, 38 people died and two were injured in this incident. The injured have been admitted to hospital. Officials say that firefighters controlled the fire at around 11 pm on Monday night.

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The Municipal Emergency Management Department says that preliminary investigation has revealed that the fire started from a spark in the welding operations, causing the entire cotton fabric factory to catch fire.

some suspects in police custody

Chinese President Xi Jinping has called for making every possible effort to treat the injured in this fire. Along with this, it has been said to bring the people responsible for this incident to book.

According to reports, after receiving information about the fire, the local fire department sent 63 vehicles and 240 firemen for the rescue operation. The police have also detained some suspects.

Experts say that due to increasing competition and corruption in China, the incidents of fire in industrial units have increased due to laxity in safety measures.

Let us tell you that in August 2015, more than 170 people were killed and 700 were injured in the explosion in the warehouse of Tianjin Port of China. A large amount of toxic chemicals were kept in this port, including about 700 tonnes of sodium cyanide.

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