Boys and girls should get their blood tested before marriage, says MP Governor mangubhai patel lcln

Madhya Pradesh Governor Mangubhai Patel arrived on a one-day visit to Narsinghpur district. He discussed with the district top officers in the circuit house. During this, the governor asked the officers to increase awareness among the public about sickle cell disease. ASHA workers should also be involved in this work.

Governor Patel said that to get rid of sickle cell disease, it is necessary that the young men and women get their blood tested before marriage. If symptoms of disease are found in both, then they should not marry. This can prevent the spread of this genetic disease in the progeny. He said that the agency investigating sickle cell should be continuously monitored. Help of ASHA workers should also be taken in this work.

Governor Mangubhai emphasized on increasing awareness about sickle cell anemia among Scheduled Tribes and common people. He emphasized on spreading awareness among the people of the tribe to make them aware of the disease and the necessary awareness to get rid of this disease.

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In the meeting, Patel instructed the officials to ensure that 100 percent benefits of public welfare schemes run by the government are given to the eligible persons. Give the benefits of government schemes to the poor on priority. Under no circumstances should the poor be exploited.

Raise awareness about sickle cell anemia: Governor Mangubhai Patel

Emphasizing the benefits of the PESA Act, the Governor said that the participation of women should be ensured in it. He discussed the inclusion of Bharia tribe in the special backward tribe. Patel said that it should be ensured that the poor get the benefit of Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. He emphasized on promoting self-help groups.

The Governor of Madhya Pradesh, after discussing with the officials related to the activities of Panchayat and Rural Development, Tribal Affairs, Law and Order, Forest Department, Public Health and Family Welfare Department, took information and gave necessary instructions. During this, Collector Riju Bafna, Superintendent of Police Vipul Srivastava and concerned officers were present.

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