Bhojpuri actress Akshara Singh got angry leave stage performance in middle tmova

Akshara Singh, the top and famous actress of Bhojpuri cinema, is not only famous for her acting, but the magic of her voice also speaks volumes on the fans. Akshara also does many live performances, in which thousands of fans gather to see and hear her. But many times during such live performance, even her loved ones do such an act, when the actress gets very angry. This time too, when something similar happened, Akshara Singh left the stage.

Akshara walks out
Akshara Singh is considered the shining star of Bhojpuri cinema. The actress-singer sets the stage on fire with her performance. She creates atmosphere with her songs. Fans are unable to live without dancing to his melodious voice. Recently another live performance of Akshara was organized, a video of which is going viral on social media these days. In the video, where people are seen dancing and dancing on Akshara’s song, the whole atmosphere gets spoiled due to the rudeness of one person.

It rained notes on Akshara

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Actually it happened that Akshara Singh was singing on stage. Akshara was looking very beautiful in maroon colored jumpsuit. Curly hair, high tone makeup looked great on Akshara. While singing the actress-singer, people were also listening with a lot of heart. But in the meantime a person comes on the stage, and rains notes on Akshara. Akshara does not like this misbehavior with her at all and she angrily leaves from there. Akshara immediately stops singing and walks away holding the mic to someone.

This video of Bhojpuri actress getting angry is going viral on the internet. The expression of anger can also be clearly seen on Akshara’s face while leaving the stage. The audience also gets very disappointed when the actress leaves the stage like this. By the way, this is not the first time that someone has misbehaved with Akshara. The actress has been a victim of such antics in the past as well. From throwing notes to stone pelting has happened on his stage show. Akshara has already told in her interview that she does not like such acts of note blowing.

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