Best Stock for Investment: You can buy these 5 shares, Expert’s advice – there will be good earnings in 2 to 3 years! – share market expert recommended 5 stocks for long term investor Hero Motocorp Panama Petro tuta

The stock market has once again reached the threshold to create a new record. For the last one year, the stock market is trading in a range. While Nifty has remained above 18000 for the last one week. During the ups and downs in the last one year, corrections have been seen in many good stocks.

Experts of the stock market say that when there is a decline in the market, there is also a chance to choose the right stock intelligently at that time. So that you can get better returns when the market rises. If you are thinking of investing in the stock market, then these 5 stocks have been brought by the experts for you.

Market expert and director of tradeswift Sandeep Jain says that on being patient, the stock market makes money. Therefore, the investment perspective should always be long. He told that if investors want to invest money in the stock market for 2 to 3 years, then these 5 stocks can be an option for them. Sandeep Jain suggests these 5 stocks for long term investors.

Hero Motocorp: There is a potential for rapid growth in this two-wheeler company. The company is also focusing on the electric segment. Currently Hero Motocorp’s shares are worth Rs 2680. This stock is trading in a range since last one year. According to Sandeep Jain, long term investors can bet in this stock.

Panama Petrochem: One can buy shares of Panama Petrochem Limited, a leading company in the petroleum specialty products sector. Expert Sandeep Jain says that if the outlook is long then you can invest in this stock. At present, a share is Rs 359 and in one year the share has given a return of about 40 per cent.

Star Cement: Further growth is expected in the cement sector, if you want to invest in this sector for 2 to 3 years, then you can buy shares of Star Cement. The price of one share of Star Cement is around Rs 102. The stock has given a meager 7 per cent return in the last one year.

GSFC: The shares of Gujarat State Fertilizers & Chemicals Limited have been undergoing correction for the last 6 months. This stock has given negative return of 24% in 6 months. At present, the share is worth Rs.120. However, there is potential for further growth in this company. From the point of view of experts, you can invest in this stock for a long period.

DCM Shriram Industries Limited: This stock has disappointed investors in the last one year. The stock has registered a decline of about 21 per cent, currently the share of DCM Shriram Industries is Rs 70.60. Sandeep Jain says that by taking a period of 3 years, you can bet on it at the moment.

(Note: Take the help of a financial advisor before investing in the stock market)

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