Aftab used to keep track of body pieces, made rough note of conspiracy to commit murder, big revelations in Shraddha murder case

In the Shraddha Walker murder case, the police is making revelations one after the other. Police teams are stationed at several locations to get to the bottom of the murder. Now the police has made a shocking disclosure in the murder case. According to the information, Aftab Poonawalla used to keep a record of the pieces of Shraddha’s body. Not only this, the accused had prepared a complete rough note of the conspiracy of murder. In this he had mentioned every little thing.

According to the information, Aftab had also written the account of how many pieces of Shraddha’s body were kept on the rough site note. This note is in the hands of the police. On the basis of this, the police is searching for the remaining body parts.

The police got the rough site plan from Aftab and Shraddha’s Chhatarpur flat. This rough site note was also mentioned by the Delhi Police in its remand application. On the basis of this, more than 150 policemen are searching every nook and corner of the forest.

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doctor examining jaw

On Monday, the police recovered a jawbone and some bones from the forests of Mehrauli. The Delhi Police has taken it to a dentist so that it can be ascertained whether the jaw belongs to Shraddha or not. Now the team of doctors has started examining the jaw.

Where did you throw the saw and blade used in the murder?

According to Aftab, he had thrown the saw and blade used in Shraddha murder in the bushes of DLF Phase 3 of Gurugram. At the same time, he had thrown Chapad in the dustbin located at 100 feet road of Mehrauli. The Delhi Police team has checked those bushes twice in Gurugram. After investigation here on November 18, the Delhi Police team came out with some evidence from the bushes of Gurugram, which has been sent for CFSL investigation. After this, on November 19, the Delhi Police went to Gurugram with a metal detector to investigate, but that day the Delhi Police returned empty-handed.

Aftab killed Shraddha on May 18

Shraddha Walker and Aftab Poonawala were living in live-in. Both were in relation since 2019. Used to work in the same call center in Mumbai. Their relationship was not accepted by the family members, so both of them came to Delhi this year and started living in a flat in Mehrauli. There were frequent quarrels between the two. On the night of May 18, there was a fight between the two regarding marriage. After this Aftab killed him. After the murder, Aftab cut Shraddha’s body into 35 pieces. These pieces were thrown at different places.

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